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Is for anyone, of any age, whether formally arts educated or otherwise, who has a firmly held, original idea of what they would aim to achieve during their stay.

blueflower1_1-copyWe welcome proposals within the fields of writing, music, fine arts, photography, crafts and performance and look with interest at any proposal that falls within the areas of crossover and the non catagorizable.

blueflower1_1-copy In short, our definition of Arts is very broad and what we are mainly looking for is a strong commitment on the part of the individual to their own original creative idea.

blueflower1_1-copy Residencies are available for a minimum of two weeks from the beginning of october up until the end of may.

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blueflower1_1-copy Winter in the Kyklades is certainly not most peoples idea of a ‘proper’ winter. Happily, it is more in the nature of a long and rambling springtime. The temperature rarely dips below ten degrees celcius, so there are no frosts, and the months between October and May are the green time of the year, the  hot summer months being the natural dormant season. This makes for perfect outdoor weather, and for an artist the light is indeed everything it is cracked up to be. Of course the weather does fluctuate, and we cross our fingers and pray for rain which when it comes rarely stays long and leaves freshness and colour in its wake. The wind can be strong at times but it too soon passes. September can be hot, october and november are still good months to swim, and by April and May the sea is again warming up. November through April are perfect months for walking, and taking to the footpaths or scrambling across open hillside makes for a good break in a working day. So generally speaking the climate is no threat but is in truth an inspiration, especially so if one is living in a garden.

Living in the garden
is a purpose built residential arts center situated in its own seven acre garden environment, three kilometres from the local village, foodstores, beaches etc, surrounded by a mix of terraced fields and wild countryside, it is far enough off the beaten track to be free of traffic noise and street lights.

blueflower1_1-copySet in its own private garden area, each house is scaled to the needs of the creative individual.  Separate rooms can be comfortably arranged for living and working purposes. Wireless internet, a good desk, tables, shelves, chairs and cupboards all make for the basic requirements of a practical and contemplative working space.
For those engaged in larger scale or messier proceedures separate studios are available in the main building and there are plenty of dedicated outdoor spaces which are ideal for landscape painters and sculptors.

blueflower1_1-copy Kitchens are equipped for complete self catering with oven,microwave, freezer, toaster, coffee maker, pots and pans, etc. otherwise domestic arrangements can be made according to ones needs and the option of participating in the main evening meal usually offers good company and a healthy and satisfying cuisine.

blueflower1_1-copyIt is a place to plant seeds and reap rewards.

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