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combines a retreat for personal and collaborative study, a center for the learning and practice of creative arts, and an opportunity to explore the relationship between environment, community, and personal creativity.
blueflower1_1-copyNestled in a secluded valley on the Greek island of Paros, it is dedicated to the pursuit of a more meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle.
blueflower1_1-copyWe believe that people of every sort can learn to develop their own creative drive, that the involvement is at least as important as the results, and that by focusing on and expanding the limits of our creative potential, we can enrich our own personal lives, and in consequence bring a positivite influence to the world around us.
blueflowerDesigned and built upon applied principles of Permaculture and Sustainability, Living in the Garden is concerned with promoting the understanding of Diversity within natural systems and how important it can be to incorporate more diversity into our lifestyle. It provides the ideal environment for an adventure of self discovery, as well as a meeting of hearts and minds.
blueflower1_1-copyDuring the mostly warm and sunny winter months of October through June we offer comfortable accomodation and facilities on request to cater for individual retreats or group activities.
blueflowerDuring the hot summer months we surrender to the season and offer our unique environment as a holiday destination.
blueflowerPlease feel free to look around the site. The menu is at the top of the page, if anything strikes your fancy or piques your curiosity, do let us know.

‘Living in the Garden’ sets out to explore an ‘essentialy non-profit’ approach towards life as a whole. We dont have to look too far to recognise the negative effects that an overly competetive lifestyle can have on both society and the environment. So rather than compete for personal gain we are attempting to ‘cooperate,’ and in place of profits we are looking into the concept of ‘yield’, seeking to recognise, generate, and optimise positive yield wherever appropriate.

blueflower1_1-copy We are not offering any psycho-drama or the latest fashionable intoxication. Instead we are engaged in practical creative activities and a free exchange of ideas, providing the environment, the space, the facilities and wherever necessary the encouragement and guidance for guests to pursue their purposes and achieve the aims of their stay.

blueflower1_1-copyCentral to our approach is an understanding of ‘an intrinsic relationship with our environment’, and how we can better interact with the natural world in ways that can inspire us to generate a more meaningful and fulfilling lifestyle.

blueflower1_1-copy There is a gentle and transformative power at work in a natural living environment that can inspire, and support an attunement in oneself that, in turn, helps stimulate the clear thinking and keen perspective that better enables us to evaluate our choices and clarify our directions.

blueflower1_1-copy Decisions chart the course of our lives, from the small habitual everyday ones that we barely notice making, to the great life changing decisions that we can be so afraid to take and a little clarity can go a long way in effecting a vital and fresh approach.
It is in this spirit of exploration that we have built and planted our garden environment and now the once abused and abandoned fields have blossomed into a fertile support for creative activities.

blueflower1_1-copyIt is a place to plant seeds and reap rewards.

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