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Garden Holidays
….are for those with a love of nature, a yen for the intimacy of a garden environment, and a taste for a simpler, more essential kind of luxury. For those who like to be a bit away from the hustle and bustle and value the opportunity to relax in the peace and tranquility of a garden.

Arts classes and activities
….in a wide variety of creative media, as well as dedicated workspaces and studios are available on request. Classes are informal and fun and can be arranged session to session as it suits best. A fine way to pass time, learn new skills and invariably feel good about yourself.
Try your hand at Woodcarving with antique reclaimed oak. Tile mosaic, Wet carved sand sculpting, Silversmithing and Jewellery Making in a variety of materials…

Our location
….is a quiet valley behind the peaceful little village of Kamari, on the island’s eastern side. We are five minutes from the airport, ten minutes from the beaches of the fishing village of Aliki, and fifteen minutes from the port of Paroikia.

Paros Island
….is located at almost the exact center of the Aegean sea, 195 kilometers (121 miles) from Athens, and has been associated with art and culture since the time of the first Cycladic people, whose stylized, geometrical statuary, so strikingly similar to modern art, was created in 2,500 BC. The “Warrior Poet” Archilochos, born here in 688 BC, wrote the world’s first lyric poetry. The beautiful translucent marble from the island’s quarries was used in the construction of ancient temples and public buildings in Delphi, Delos, and Athens; and, centuries later, in the tomb of Napoleon.

Today the island is a magnet that draws artists, craftspeople, and writers from all over the world, and with the availability of several internationally recognized venues, like The Apotheki Gallery, and the presence of the Aegean Art Circle and The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts, Paros is firmly established as a focus for both traditional and contemporary art.

But art is far from being its only attraction. There are spectacular beaches, magnificent rock formations, and trekking paths that wind through the mountains and across the island. There is wind-surfing, kite-surfing, scuba diving, sailing, horseback riding, and tennis. Apart from the seminars and classes offered on-site at To the Garden, there are classes throughout the island in yoga, dancing, weaving, and cooking.

The restaurants of Paros offer cuisine for every taste, from vegan to Lucullan, from hot dogs and souvlaki to lobster and filet mignon, from Greek and Middle-Eastern to European and Asian.

Every Greek island is, in its own way, unique. We like to think that Paros is just a tiny bit more unique than the rest.

Getting to Paros

There are daily flights from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport, outside Athens. (Flight time: 50 minutes.) From the Athenian port of Piraeus, there are daily ferries, including a super-fast catamaran, to Paroikia. (Sailing time: from 3 to 5 hours.) The island has a reliable public transport system, and there are many rental offices that provide automobiles, motorcycles, motor scooter, and bicycles.

…has been designed to provide an idyllic environment for a creative or recuperative retreat. We are proud to have had them described as ‘dream houses’, and sitting in their own private garden areas, with fully equipped kitchens,  comfortable beds and charming decor they are the ideal choice for the couple or small family who value a holiday home as a place to ‘live’ rather than just ‘stay’.


A five minute drive to the fishing village of Aliki offers a relaxed atmosphere of seafront cafes and tavernas plus a variety of sandy beaches.

blueflower1_1-copy A welcome place to return to, you can relax on the terrace with a book, cook yourself a leisurely meal, mess around with some artwork or take a siesta. Walking in the garden you can seek out private places. The garden is a living environment and we are always busy cultivating and keeping it maintained. The gardeners are discreet and will not bother you but are always willing to explain the ways of dryland gardening.

blueflower1_1-copy As lifelong artists we have worked in various mediums and materials and this ‘place’ is the most recent and the most ambitious product of our art. We have created it ourselves from the ground up and with our own hands have given it its particular style  and special atmosphere.


June and September…….from 80 euros per house per night

July and August………….from 100 euros per house per night

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